Which US Winter Resorts Are Worth Visiting in 2017?

Well, as most of Americans would think, that when it comes to real, infrastructure-ready winter resorts - we’ve got Aspen in Colorado and that’s it... But the reality is that the US actually has a handful of awesome winter destinations, spread across quite a few US states, including Alaska and Dakota!

First off, while not exactly meant for skiing or snowboarding activities, the Yellowstone National Park seems like a good fit. Also, if you’re looking to visit 2 winter destinations in a close proximity to each other, take a little detour to Montana’s ski resorts.

Also, if you’re not afraid to cross the Canadian border, then visiting some of Alaska’s resorts may be a fun and refreshing experience! Places like the community of Girdwood in the Chugach mountain range is a great starter!

On top of that, winter resorts such as Jackson in Wyoming and Sedona in the state of Arizona are up-and-coming trending destinations now. But regardless of which US ski resort you’ll choose, be sure that our travel agents will help you book!


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2 days ago

Thank you for such an interesting article! I was planning to visit some of the European winter resorts, but now I think I’ll be heading to Alaska.

2 days ago

Thank you for your comment! I’m glad to hear that my article helped you change your decision.

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